Why You Need A Water Table {as seen on Jacksonville Moms Blog}

It's getting hot outside and if you have little ones you need a Water Table.  We love ours and here's a post I did for the Jacksonville Moms Blog with 10 great ways to use it.


Summer Organizational Binder {as seen on Jacksonville Moms Blog}

Get your summer organized with a Summer Binder.  This is a post I did for the Jacksonville Moms Blog that is complete with 2015 printable calendars.


Summer Bingo :: Summer Boredom Buster for Kids

Summer Bingo is always a big hit at our house.  It keeps the kid engaged throughout the summer.  Click here for directions and printables to make your own Summer Bingo.


Summer Bucket List :: Summer Boredom Buster for Kids

If you're looking for an easy way to check off all the exciting things you have planned for the summer, then I recommend the Summer Bucket List.  I created this a few years ago for the kids to get excited about what we had going on for the summer.  Click here to read more and create your own Summer Bucket List.


Summer Rocks :: Summer Boredom Buster for Kids

School will be out before you know it, here's another fun summer activity I did with the kids a few years ago.  Summer Rocks let them complete different activities and earn prizes all summer long.  Click here to read more about how you can create your own Summer Rocks program this year.


Summer Passport :: Summer Boredom Buster for Kids

There are only a few weeks left until school is out and it's time to start planning your summer of fun.  This is a Summer Passport that I did for the kids last year and it was a huge hit.  They loved getting all their stamps and filling up the passports.  Click here to read all the details on how to make your own passport for the summer.


Father's Day Gift Idea

Father's Day is a little over a month away and I wanted to share a blast from the past.  One of my favorite Father's Day Gifts I've ever made.  This was done several years ago and it still looks great.  Click here for full instructions on how to make this adorable board book for daddy.


Finding Winter Deals in the Summer with thredUP

I love shopping for deals.  I mean love it.  One of my favorite ways to save money is to shop for seasonal clothes at the end of the season.  I try to stock up on bathing suits in October when they are on clearance and I shop for winter coats in May.  

Lucky for me thredUP makes it easy to shop for off season items any time of year.  Recently I picked up new jackets for the kids at 60%-70% off retail prices.  The coat I bought for Cole was even new with tags, and still marked over 60% off!  

thredUP makes it easy to search for winter wear on their site by simply using the sort function.  You can search for boys, girls or women's - outerwear - and then just look for the type of jacket you want.  In addition to coats, you can also pick up hats, gloves, tights, boots, and even more winter necessities at far below retail prices.  So what are you waiting for?  Get shopping those off season items and get ready to save.


DIY Ombre Staircase

I recently set out to paint the risers on our stairs.  After scouring pinterest I settled on a dark blue to light blue progression.  I purchases 4 sample size blues ranging from dark to light.  I painted two stairs with the purchased color and then added some white paint to make it lighter and painted 2 more stairs.  Here is the finished project.


Gear Up for Summer with thredUP

Here in Florida winter is long gone and summer is in full swing.  Warmer temperatures means it's time to take stock in the kids' closets and stock up on those summer essentials.  

If your kids are like mine, they grow like weeds.  It seems like the clothes I saved for them to wear again this summer are already tight.  Good thing for me thredUP carries a wide variety of clothes for boys and girls.  But the really great thing is that thredUP also carries clothes for ME!

So hop on over to thredUP and create an account.  You'll actually get $10 off your first order just for using my link.  You can search for shorts, bathing suits, even sandals.. pretty much everything you need to kick off your summer.


Mad Science Party Bags & Treats

My final post about our Mad Science Party with just a few tips about the party bags.  If you want to read all the details about the party you can visit the Jacksonville Moms Blog.

Favors: Now I would say that sending the kids home with their lab coat, ID badge and goggles would be enough and a party bag isn’t necessary. We had ordered some items before I realized we were going to be doing the lab coats so I went ahead and did party bags. 
Pro Tip: Skip the party bags and just send the kids home with their lab coats and goggles.


Mad Science Party Decorations and Details

Those little details are what really make a party pop.  You can read all about our recent Mad Science Party over on the Jacksonville Moms Blog.

Decorations: Our decorations for this party were a piece of cake. The banner I made using graphics from the Periodic Table Writer. On the tables were jars that I filled with colored water and random plastic snakes, spiders, brains, etc. The dollar store was a great resource for animals that “grow” when you soak them in water.   I added dry ice to our juice containers before serving and the kids thought it was amazing.
Pro Tip: Dry ice is an awesome special effect, but it should be handled with care and is NEVER to be ingested. I used it in containers with spigots where I knew the kids would not be able to drink it. Many Publix stores sell dry ice, and you can use the dry ice finder site to see where you can buy it in your area.


Mad Science Party Experiments

We did some great experiments at our recent Mad Science Party.  You can read all about it over at the Jacksonville Moms Blog.

Experiments: After all the kids arrived we began the experiments. This was the highlight of the party for everyone. I had premeasured and prepped all the ingredients ahead of time so that each experiment was ready to go when we got to that station. If you’re having a party for older kids (I would say 6 and older) then check out my post of science experiments, complete with ingredients and directions. If you’re having a party for younger kids (under age 6) then take a look at some of the experiments in Nicole’s post.
Pro Tip: If it’s in your budget, purchase some test tubes with lids and use those to premeasure some of your ingredients for your experiments. It made the kids feel like they were real scientists.