He's Coming...

It's almost time for that pesky little elf to make his appearance.  Ours typically ours comes back right after Thanksgiving weekend.  Last year I posted about sending a postcard from our elf a few days before he was scheduled to make his appearance.  It was a HUGE hit with the kids.  

You can read more about our postcards and even download high resolution pictures (for FREE) that you can use the make your own elf postcards all by clicking here.


Paper Shape Pumpkins {Fantastic Fall Crafts & More}

Here's another craft I featured over on the Jacksonville Moms Blog.  This pumpkin is perfect for preschoolers who are learning their shapes and can use some cutting practice.


Paper Plate Spider Web {Fantastic Fall Crafts & More}

I love this craft for a large group of kids.  No paint, and no waiting for paint to dry.  Hop on over to the Jacksonville Moms Blog to see the details.


Egg Carton Bat {Fantastic Fall Crafts & More}

I featured a cute little egg carton bat over on the Jacksonville Moms Blog the other day.  Check it out!


Halloween Crafts {as seen on the Jacksonville Moms Blog}

Check out the post I did the other day for the Jacksonville Moms Blog with some fun crafts for the kids.



Paper Towel Roll Campfire {Fantastic Fall Crafts & More}

Cooler weather means campfires!  This is a fun craft that can let kids play camping in the house.  Click here for details.


Toilet Paper Roll Kid Mummies {Fantastic Fall Crafts & More}

These are my most favorite Halloween craft because I get to look at these cute little faces.  Click here to see how to make your own cute kid mummies.


Toilet Paper Roll Spider {Fantastic Fall Crafts & More}

This spooky spider was a fun craft that my son enjoyed when he was young.  Click here for directions.


Cardboard Tube Mummy {Fantastic Fall Crafts & More}

This is a fun craft that's easy for little hands and requires no paint (yay!!!).  Click here for directions.


Toilet Paper Roll Monsters {Fantastic Fall Crafts & More)

If you're looking for a super cute Halloween craft, then this is the one for you.  These fun monsters would be a great class project for little kids because you use a variety of left over supplies.  Click here for details.


Cardboard Tube Halloween Bat {Fantastic Fall Crafts & More}

Bats can be scary, but they can also be super cute like this little guy.  Click here for directions.