Paper Towel Roll Campfire {Fantastic Fall Crafts & More}

Cooler weather means campfires!  This is a fun craft that can let kids play camping in the house.  Click here for details.


Toilet Paper Roll Kid Mummies {Fantastic Fall Crafts & More}

These are my most favorite Halloween craft because I get to look at these cute little faces.  Click here to see how to make your own cute kid mummies.


Toilet Paper Roll Spider {Fantastic Fall Crafts & More}

This spooky spider was a fun craft that my son enjoyed when he was young.  Click here for directions.


Cardboard Tube Mummy {Fantastic Fall Crafts & More}

This is a fun craft that's easy for little hands and requires no paint (yay!!!).  Click here for directions.


Toilet Paper Roll Monsters {Fantastic Fall Crafts & More)

If you're looking for a super cute Halloween craft, then this is the one for you.  These fun monsters would be a great class project for little kids because you use a variety of left over supplies.  Click here for details.


Cardboard Tube Halloween Bat {Fantastic Fall Crafts & More}

Bats can be scary, but they can also be super cute like this little guy.  Click here for directions.


Family Costume Idea {Fantastic Fall Crafts & More}

Have you figured out your Halloween costumes yet?  This week I'm going to share a few of my favorites from the last few years.  Here we are last year dressed as some good guys & bad guys.